Gearbox Labs has worked with all of the devices on this page. Many appear in one or more of our publications.

Links to the devices on our store are included. After each sensor are some ideas that would be great science or engineering fair ideas.


  • Liquid Crytal Display (LCD) - Usually a single-color best to display text and data. Easy to control. The standard LCD has 16 characters in 2 rows on the screen. Store Link
  • Thin Film Transistor (TFT) - These are small cell phone screens that can display thousands of colors. Really best for displaying complex data and for graphing data in real-time.
  • RGB Matrix-Displays letters, numbers, emojis, many different colors. Can be chained together to make longer or wider displays. Store Link
  • 7219 Matrix-displays data and letters using chained together 8x8 LED matrices. Store Link
  • Seven Segment Display- Display numbers by segments. 4-digit seven segment displays are great for clocks, timers, and simple number or letter displays. Store Link
  • 8x8 LED Matrix - A small display with 64 single color LEDs for making simple signs. Store Link Red | Store Link Blue | Store Link Orange | Store Link Yellow/Green


  • Color Sensor - this sensor detects pigments in different materials. In physics, we use this sensor to detect different pigments in dyed or painted materials View Video | Store Link



  • Buzzer- Sounding device that can convert audio signals into sound signals. It is usually powered by DC voltage. Passive buzzers are the best for making complex and varying tones. Store Link

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

  • Single Colors - The lens can be colored, or the diode can make the color. Store Link Mix Pack | Store Link Bulk Single Colors
  • RGB LEDs- These LEDs have three color making diodes inside the lens that when controlled properly can make over 16 million colors. These come in two polarities, anode and cathode. Store Link

Disclaimer. The sensors are meant to be used for prototyping, informational, and demonstration purposes only. The sensors are not meant to be used as replacements for certified professional sensors that have been independently tested and certified for use in health and safety applications.