STEM Data Edition

by Isabel Mendiola and Peter Haydock

This curriculum explores the world through data. How can a student collect 100s if not 1000s of data points to capture what is happening in a location over time.

Projects include connections to Google Sheets, Excel, SD Cards, a data app, and image collection.

This curriculum uses the ESP32 32D microcontroller and Arduino® IDE.



DHT22 w ESP32
  • NGSS Aligned
  • Common Core Mathematics and Language Arts Aligned
  • Framework for P-12 Engineering Learning Aligned
  • CSforAll CS Framework Aligned
  • AEEE Standards Framework Aligned

Implementation models (Engineering, Coding, and STEM Classrooms) reported by our customers

Students have used projects and the skills learned in this curriculum to compete in science and engineering fairs in Mexico. One student won the national science and engineering fair run by CONACYT in 2017 and 2018 with her Arduino® skills.

Another group of students we advised used a sensor presented in this book and with modified code won first place in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow in 2020 and the MIT-Lemelson Award.

The Curriculum

  • Grades 6 and up
  • 240 full-color pages
  • Coil Bound/Lay Flat 
  • 25 Hands-on projects in Four Sections (SD Card, Spreadsheets, Apps, Images and Video)
  • 110+ Project Extensions
  • 15 Project Skills Tutorials

Content and Skills Developed

  • Integrated into STEAM content areas
  • Coding in C / C++
  • Engineering Design
  • Digital Prototyping
  • Tools for Project-Based Learning
  • 21st Century Skills Development
  • Project Management
  • Open-source Skills

Student Resources

  • Step by Step Directions
  • Project Material Lists
  • Full-Color Photos and Diagrams
  • Tested C / C++ Code

Teacher Resources 

In the Book

  • Assessments
  • Project Rubrics
  • Project Extensions
  • Pacing Guides
  • Integration Notes
  • Standards Alignments (AEEE, NGSS, CC, USCS)
  • Discussion Questions
  • Anticipatory Sets
  • Curricular Integration Points
  • Learner Accommodations
  • Classroom Setup 


Free with Registration and Order

  • Assessments
  • Project Rubrics
  • Project Extensions
  • Pacing Guides
  • Additional Standards Alignments (NGSS, CC, USCS, AEEE)
  • Project Updates
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Parts Lists
  • Links
  • Project Submissions
  • Additional Rubrics
  • Acknowledgments
  • Using Chromebooks with Projects


Premium Online (order online)

  • Ancillaries
  • Presentations
  • Code delivered through Arduino® Create
  • Diagrams
  • Fritzing CAD Files
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Premium Project Extensions

* Project Kits, Parts, and Materials Sold Separately