With over 45 years of education experience in the classroom, education publishing, and children and adult learning as well as numerous awards for their work, the founders Isabel Mendiola and Peter Haydock, created Gearbox Labs in 2019 to address an international shortage of STEM professionals. Learn more about Gearbox Labs here.

Each year, Gearbox Labs reaches over 20,000 learners of all ages directly through its in-classroom residencies, Maker Faires, teacher training, one-on-one mentoring, and YouTube videos that are inspiring the next generation of engineers, coders, scientists, and technicians.  

Donations are welcome and can be made online using a credit card or e-check using this secure link. If you prefer to make an in-kind donation or a direct check, please use the contact form to reach out to us directly. 

All donations are used to advance our work with classrooms across the country and around the world.

Teachers join Gearbox Labs staff on a Fall Saturday to learn about engineering, electronics, and coding.